Quinoa.The brunch @ Where is Jesus? June 21st, 2014

Hey Berlin grab your Brunch-Pack for Fete de la musique in Kreuzberg. Tomorrow June 21st, you can have your vegan or vegetarian brunch to go. Just reserve it at eat(at) send us your name, the number of packs and the time you will pick it up. Check our 2 locations around the Görlitzer Bahnhof: Gnamo lab and later Where is Jesus Temporary Space. Both addresses below. 


During la fete de la musique everybody wants to be around enjoying outdoor this great day! Perfect for a brunch to take away…

Quinoa.The bistro, the pop-up vegan & vegetarian bistro designed a great menu to grab around the Görlitzer Park and enjoy wherever you prefer.

The brunch-pack is a complete vegan or vegetarian meal to get lot of energy for this crazy day.


Here is the menu:

Rice salad (vegan)
Multi-Cereal spheres in coconut cream (vegan)
Grilled vegetables antipasto (vegan)
Lentils-potatoes tortilla (vegan)
Quinoa and carrots patties salad with lime ginger dressing (vegan)
Amaranth pancakes with red fruit hot fudge (vegan)
Cheese or Hummus (vegetarian, vegan)
Yogurt and seasonal fruits (vegetarian, vegan)
Butter/Margarine, bread, marmalade (vegetarian, vegan)


8€, (disposable cutlery and napkins provided, drinks not included)


Where to pick up your Brunch-Pack:

From 12h to 14:30h at gnamo Lab, Reichenberger Str. 86, 10999 Berlin

From 15h to 19h at Where is Jesus? Wrangelstr. 57, 10997 Berlin