gnamo Cube

  • photo by Moossye
  • photo by Moossye

gnamo Cube

A project by Claudia Peña de Silvestri, from gnamo in collaboration with Stephan Bosse and the A Maze Festival.

Inspired by the Skinner box, a structure constructed to study animals behavior, gnamo Cube is a carton-board construction interactive food installation large enough that allows one person at a time to play a quick game. Each player will receive a food/drink reward or punishment according to the players score. The aim of our “operant conditioning chamber” is to explore the humans behavior faced to a competitive situation based on the observation among the players.

The rewards will be shown at the door before entering the cube. The player will have to figure out what the game objective is in a short time. The cube has two areas to operate: one “operandum” and one “feeder” zone separated by a wall through which the reward/punishment will be distributed to the player. Despite being in the same cube the feeder and the player will never see each other but they will somehow interact by their basic actions.

We are intrigued by the behavioral response or action caused by our stimulation.
Aren’t you?

Material: Carton board
Dimensions: Aprox. 3m x 3m x 3m
Rewards/Punishments: Several food

About Claudia
Claudia Peña de Silvestri is an Italian-Chilean cook, eating designer and performer based in Berlin since 2005, year that she started the think-tank gnamo, a culinary project whose aim is to explore the human society through culinary experiences.

About Stephan
Stephane Bosse is a German architect, graphic designer and artist based in Berlin. He studied Architecture at Technische Universität of Berlin and at the ETSAB in Barcelona. He worked across Spain, Suisse and Germany.