Food Bless You Nuke Mapu – Food Art Installation


gnamo Food Art Interactive Installation, dedicated to our planet, the four elements and inspired by multiple cultures presented during the Berlin Food Art Week from 19th to 26th of June 2015.

This collection of wishes were left from our visitors during the installation at gnamo lab. Participants were invited to pay their tribute to food and make a wish for and to Ñuke Mapu, leaving their written wishes by our Altar.

Ñuke Mapu* is our temple, a celebration of life, an altar that is waiting for wishes, a way back to connect with the roots we might have lost in our society, understanding through the senses the extreme importance of food as a material, as a connector that allows us to join and be part of this experiment called life.

Food Bless You, Ñuke Mapu!

*Ñuke Mapu means Mother Earth in Mapudungún, the language of the Mapuche people from Araucanía, Chile.

With and by gnamo team Claudia Peña de Silvestri, Alexandra Frieden, Christopher Westby.