Food Bless You DAY

A whole day dedicated to Food and Human beings. 

Humans as well as all the living beings have relied on food for millions of years, first to survive and then to evolve. Such a special connection and dependance need to be celebrated in a more direct and intimate way.

On February the 13th we will celebrate the act of eating with a whole day dedicated to Food and food related activities as mini workshops, cooking tips, Food Art installations, a living exhibition of food art.

With this first small event our aim is to bring together professionals and foodies around Berlin, to create an accessible meeting point to discover, learn, teach and share knowledge about food.

Everybody is invited to participate. We are offering a whole day of activities. Check the event and choose how you want to be part of it.


10-12 Breakfast by Quinoa. The bistro
12-13 Pasta Fresca workshop by La Bolognina cooked by Romina Giuliani, genuine Italian food
13-14 French Cuisine by Jerome Morales 
14-15 The perfect vegan Bolognese workshop by Daniel Juan
15-16 Food Interactive Installation by Claudia Peña De Silvestri
16-17 If life gives you fruits…let’s make marmalade! The joy of making marmalade by Ro & Cla 
17-18 Arepas – Venezuelan corn bread by Aldo Lamanna
18-19 L’Apericena by Ro & Cla 
19-22 Dinner by Gnamo Lab
Soupe à l’oignon plus reading Yves Gervais

and Music…