How to make your own quinoa milk

When you decide to skip dairy products for a reason or another, the first thing you do is to search for a nice replacement and you will find an acceptable amount of different milk alternative on the market, acceptable does not mean good. If you are lucky you can find products like milk (almonds, rice, oat) with a percentage of 5-7% of the main ingredient for example almonds in a whole liter. This means that the alternative milk are low in seeds or grains and high on water quantity. So you are paying way to much to drink a glass of water with a touch of almonds or oat. The best way is to prepare it yourself, it is one of the most easy things you could learn and one of the most important to benefit your healthy lifestyle.

The best part is you can do many other milk that you will hardly find for sale at the stores. Quinoa is one of our favorite, but not the only one almonds, rice, oat, amaranth, flax we are delighted by all the possibility also of mixing them.

If you want to prepare your own quinoa milk follow the following basic steps:

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