gnamo at Berlin Food Week 2014

Touch the Smell of Taste and Hear your Sight

Touch the Smell of Taste and Hear your Sight


We are glad to have been selected by the team of Kitchensurfing to present our “Touch the Smell of Taste and Hear your Sight: Dinner Experience”, during the Dining Experience at the up-coming Berlin Food Week.

gnamo will propose a vegan multi-sensorial dinner to stimulate the human senses. Be ready to explore yourself through food.  This dinner was created for people who want to connect again with themselves, embracing a culinary experience that focuses and accentuates the five senses. A 5 courses menu representing the 5 senses.

1st course

TOUCH – Pinzimonio, raw vegetables starter with several dips: limes and extra virgin olive oil; mint, garlic and nuts; beetroot, pomegranate and ricotta.


2nd course
SMELL – Seaweed and shitake salad with cashew nuts and gorgonzola cheese and vegan marinated shrimps
3rd course
TASTE – Ravioloni with a vegan bolognese on the inside in hemp-sage sauce
4th course
HEAR – Filo rose with vegan duck and caramelized plums sauce
5th course
SIGHT – Dessert composition: chia pudding, fresh fruits and coconut cake

A blindfolded dinner experience where guests will rediscover the pleasure of eating through a multisensorial journey. Every dish has his own sound design and its own story.

Menu and concept by gnamo 

Sound design by Mass:côté 

“The type of cuisine it is a fusion of a selection of our roots (Italian – Chilean) and the world we have seen. We go for the vegan menu for everyone!” – gnamo

gnamo: Italian-Chilean developer of eating experiences, who likes to orchestrate dinner performances and create food installations. Cook specialized in vegan an vegetarian cuisine.  

Mass:côté: Russian born audiovisual synesthetic artist based in Berlin. Working with the sound as music supervisor/editor. Exploring the possibility of synthesizing any visual forms and electroacoustic sounds.

To reserve a seat for this dinner please visit Kitchensurfing Dining Experience page.