g:Lab – Chilean Vegan Humitas Workshop



Humita is a Native American dish from pre-Hispanic times and a traditional food in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. Worldwide they are more known by the Mexican name: Tamal.

Have you heard about tamales? I am sure you did. Humitas are the equivalent in the Chilean cuisine, a traditional food that it has been preserved until nowadays. Claudia Peña de Silvestri, cook specialized in vegan and vegetarian cuisine will held in Berlin on July the 16th, 2014 from 19h to 22h, a Chilean cuisine workshop “Pre-Hispanic humitas”

What includes:

These are some of the topics approached during the workshop.

-Origin and history of Humita
-Understanding the importance of corn in pre-hispanic culture
-How to prepare Humitas (sweet and salty)
-Material and tasting

Another classical from Chile will be served to pair the tasting: Mote con huesillos, the national drink made with dried peaches and wheat. 

Where? At g:Lab

IMPORTANT: A minimum of 5 guests it is required for the workshop to take place

Previous reservation required at info(at)

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