Food Bless You Ñuke Mapu @Berlin Food Art Week

Our last Food Art Installation, dedicated to our planet, the four elements and inspired by multiple cultures will be presented during the Berlin Food Art Week from 19th to 26th of June, every day from 13h to 20h!

Ñuke Mapu* is our temple, a celebration of life, an altar that is waiting for your wishes, a way back to connect with the roots we might have lost in our society, understanding through the senses the extreme importance of food as a material, as a connector that allows us to join and be part of this experiment called life.

Eat my Art. Be my Art!

Through an interactive performance we will guide our guests to explore our food Art installation, a multidimensional taste+sound experience wrapped by magic super foods and vibrant raw vegan delicacies. Pay your tribute to food and make your wish to Ñuke Mapu.

Food Bless You, Ñuke Mapu!

*Ñuke Mapu means Mother Earth in Mapudungún, the language of the Mapuche people from Araucanía, Chile.

With and by gnamo team: Claudia Peña de Silvestri, Alexandra Frieden, Gabriel Peña de Silvestri, Christopher Westby, Manu Puente, Stefania Artusi, Alexandra Lütke-Börding, Katia Delgadillo and yourself, the well-wisher!

We will also host:



Eternal Summer, Food Art Installation by Uli Westphal

Eternal Summer is a light-box which is internally covered from all sides with mirrors. This turns a still-life of diverse fruits, sitting inside the box, into an infinite plain. The work is based on the common use of mirrors in fresh produce isles, to create the impression of abundance, which influences the buying behavior of customers. Eternal Summer also deals with the phenomenon of the constant availability of ‘fresh’ produce in supermarkets, regardless of the season or its location.


From 19 to 26 June, the first Berlin Food Art Week brings together galleries, art spaces, restaurants and cafes together.


gnamo lab: Reichenberger str. 86, 10999 Berlin