Personal chef at home, vegan products development, food art performances, cooking workshops, gnamo is a culinary project whose aim is to explore the human society through culinary experiences.

Food and the act of eating are universal necessities. Food permeates every aspect of our lives, whether it is to simply fill our stomachs or gathering for a social event, nourishment usually is at the center of our daily routine.

At gnamo we are very interested in the multidimensional aspects of food and everyday we work to expand our gastronomic knowledge and skills. By hosting food exhibitions and installations, cooking lessons and culinary events we hope to inspire people to approach food from new perspectives and develop new ideas about eating and the role of food in our lives.

At gnamo we create artistic vegan food installations and menu design for special events, we combine food and art to deliver the best culinary experiences, we develop personalized food concepts for companies, brands and professionals searching for something exclusive.

We love life and all sort of it, we think animals are not food, this is the main reason we promote what we consider a more ethical and healthy lifestyle, a plant based diet. 

You eat, you are. We love and respect food.

In Berlin and Costa del Sol, for foodies – since 2012